Sunday, January 3, 2010

Bring back the melting pot

Five young Americans captured in Pakistan are under investigation for possible links to terrorism after their families found a disturbing farewell video the missing men left behind showing scenes of war and casualties and saying Muslims must be defended.

Frantic relatives and worried FBI agents have been searching for the five men for more than a week, since their disappearance in late November. The missing men, ranging in age from 19 to 25, have family roots in the northern Virginia and Washington, D.C., area.

For our nation's first 200 years, the "melting pot" of American schools assimilated all immigrants - - regardless of race, religion or national origin - - into our national culture. As a result, if you were born or raised in America, you were a patriotic American, with American values.

Now, and for the past generation, our schools "celebrate our diversity" within the "cultural mosaic" of America. As a result, kids raised in the D.C. suburbs head off to volunteer for international anti American terrorist groups.

When will our schools figure out which way is better?

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