Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Obama policies dividing the black community?

I'm not commenting on this, because anything I say could be twisted or misinterpreted.

But, it is interesting to note that without nearly unanimous and enthusiastic black support, Obama will not be reelected.

I knew the long-simmering debate among blacks over what President Obama should be doing for blacks — his strongest backers and the Democratic Party's most loyal constituency — would heat up. It turned red hot last week when a war of words broke out on Tom Joyner's nationally syndicated radio show between two of this country's leading black activists. In dueling appearances on Joyner's program, Tavis Smiley and Al Sharpton went after each other in a way that would make would make Quentin Tarantino blush. . .

Obama has to act before the divisions harden between his black supporters and detractors. The infighting among these activists will only intensify if he doesn't find a way to salve the wounds of those who think he courted black voters during his presidential campaign and then abandoned them once he got into the Oval Office.

This is something he needs to do soon before his political base implodes.


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