Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Obama and the Texas primary

Texas voters go to the polls Tuesday to choose Republican and Democratic candidates for governor in what could be one of the highest turnouts for a primary in state history.

State statistics show 491,000 voters statewide — or 6% of total registered voters — cast ballots early for the governor's primaries. In particular, the Republican primary has drawn heavy interest, with two popular candidates squaring off against each other.

The turnout is nearly double the number of early votes cast in the state's previous gubernatorial primaries.

Usually, only 5% of registered voters cast their vote in a primary, says Chris Turner, an Austin-based Republican strategist. That includes early voters and those who show up on election day. Early voters have already surpassed that figure, he says.

More Texas Republicans have already voted by early and absentee ballot than usually vote in the primary.

The Republican base is excited, energized and angry.

In one year, Obama's incompetence has given the political advantage to the Republicans, reversed 16 years of Democratic efforts at party building, and undone all the damage Bush did to the Republican brand.

Heckuva job.

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