Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Eric Massa

Obama boosters are celebrating the self destruction of Massa after his criticism of Obama, Emanuel and the Democratic congressional leadership.

I don't see how this does anything but hurt the image of all congressional Democrats.

Hours after resigning amid allegations of sexually harassing staffers, former House member Eric Massa went on national TV Tuesday to deny sexual impropriety but acknowledged he had been overly familiar with his congressional aides.
"I own this misbehavior," he told Fox News commentator Glenn Beck. "I am at fault."

Two publications reported Tuesday that the allegations involved physical contact — contradicting Massa's initial claims that the harassment was verbal. The Washington Post said Tuesday that the ethics panel was looking into charges that Massa groped male staffers; Politico said there were allegations of improper conduct with interns.

USA TODAY could not independently verify the reports.

"I did nothing sexual," the New York Democrat told Beck. Later, on CNN's Larry King Live, Massa said, "It is not true, period."

At the same time, Massa portrayed himself as a victim of Democratic leaders, who he said resented his opposition to some of President Obama's initiatives, such as health care and climate change legislation.

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