Friday, March 19, 2010

Diminishing returns

Instead of going to Indonesia, where people like the artist above were expecting President Obama's return to his boyhood home next week, the president will be spending this weekend locked in the health care debate.

Heading towards a make-or-break House vote Sunday, Obama returns to his comfort zone this morning: He's scheduled to give a big political stemwinder on his No. 1 legislative priority at a suburban Virginia sports arena.

George Mason University's Patriot Center, which seats 10,000, is a venue made for the kind of rally atmosphere that buoyed Obama at so many of his appearances throughout his presidential campaign. Early this morning, Washington radio station WTOP was interviewing students who had camped out overnight for seats.

Is there anything Obama has to say on this subject that anyone hasn't yet heard?

It's as if he now realizes that all he's good at is making pretty speeches.

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