Monday, March 29, 2010

ACORN's revenge

Remember the trumped up felony charges against the activists who brought down ACORN?

Felony charges have been reduced to a misdemeanor for four conservative activists who allegedly planned to tamper with the phone system in the New Orleans office of U.S. Sen. Mary Landrieu in January. One defendant is the son of the acting U.S. attorney for Western Louisiana.

The four are James O'Keefe, 25, who gained notoriety for posing as a pimp in a videotaped sting of ACORN offices; Robert Flanagan, 24, son of acting U.S. Attorney William Flanagan; Joseph Basel, 24, and Stan Dai, 24. They were charged today with one count each of entering a federal building under false pretenses. When arrested Jan. 25 they were charged with entering under false pretenses to commit a felony. Two were dressed as telephone repair technicians seeking access to the phone system to investigate reports of problems.

O'Keefe claimed said he was investigating complaints that constituents could not get through to Landrieu's office to respond to her support of the health care overhaul.

The defendants went undercover in disguise with a camera, just like the 60 Minutes news crews or Michael Moore's documentarians. Except, they had an angry administration go after them with trumped up charges.

If you notice, there's been no outraged accusations of selective prosecution or cries of scandal from the ACLU and all the other First Amendment absolutists. It appears their support for First Amendment rights depends upon their political agreement with the defendants.

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