Wednesday, March 17, 2010

More American anti-American terrorism

A Pakistani court charged five young Americans on Wednesday with planning terrorist attacks in the South Asian country and conspiring to wage war against nations allied with Pakistan, their defense lawyer said.

The men — all Muslims from the Washington, D.C., area — pleaded not guilty to a total of five charges, the most severe of which carries a maximum sentence of life in prison, defense lawyer Hasan Dastagir told The Associated Press.

"My clients were in good shape and high spirits," Dastagir said.

The men, ages 19 to 25, were charged by an anti-terrorism court inside a prison in Sargodha, the city in Punjab province where they were arrested in December. They were reported missing by their families in November after one left behind a farewell video showing scenes of war and casualties and saying Muslims must be defended.

. . . Two of the detained Americans are of Pakistani origin, while one is of Egyptian, one of Yemeni and one of Eritrean descent.

Someone needs to start asking why certain Americans of certain backgrounds are refusing and / or failing to assimilate.

In past wars, German-Americans, Italian-Americans, Japanese-Americans, etc. all fought against their "motherlands" and for their "homeland".

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