Sunday, December 6, 2009

Castro's newest critics

Pro-government Cuban writers and artists Friday rejected allegations by African-Americans of racism and repression on the island, calling the charges "delusional" and part of "an anti-Cuban campaign." The reply came as four Afro-Cuban dissidents thanked the Americans for their support, and four prominent academics from the English-speaking Caribbean condemned Cuba's "continued racial prejudice." The allegations issued Monday by 60 African-Americans touched a raw nerve because it was the first time that U.S. blacks, historically supportive of the Castro government, criticized the island's civil rights record and supported Afro-Cuban dissidents.

For 45 years, African American "progressive" intellectuals have been making excuses for the excesses of Castro's Cuban communist racist regime.

Now, they finally spoke up for Afro Cuban victims of communism, and are being dismissed by Castro's mouthpieces as delusional.

That's ironic, because they were delusional when they supported Castro, not when they oppose him.

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