Monday, December 28, 2009

Sorry to interrupt your vacation

From USA Today's presidential gossip / Obama fan column, which gets all the administration's leaks and spin:

Loyal Oval readers already know this: There's no such thing as a presidential vacation.

President Obama did get to the beach Sunday and to a favorite Honolulu restaurant, but he'll be interrupting his family holiday in Hawaii sometime this morning (Remember: Hawaii is five hours behind East Coast time) to meet with reporters. He wants to talk about the attempted Christmas Day takedown of a Detroit-bound airliner that's already caused him to order a review of U.S. anti-terror measures.

We expect the kids at 7-11 and Walgreen's to work over Christmas weekend.

I'm not going to feel sorry that we interrupted the president's vacation (after stops at the beach and his favorite restaurant) so he could address the airline attack that ruined the vacations and sense of security of hundreds of thousands of other Americans.

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