Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Cuba's dictatorship continues, and America says nothing

Cuba on Monday allowed U.S. diplomats their first visit with an American government contractor jailed since early this month for distributing communications equipment to activists, the State Department said. . . .

Development Alternatives Inc., (DAI) a suburban Washington firm that manages an $8.6 million part of the U.S. government's pro-democracy programs for Cuba, has identified the man as a DAI contractor working to help civil-society groups on the island.

But Cuban leader Raúl Castro, in a Dec. 21 speech, said the man was "euphemistically called ... a contractor" and alleged he had been "illegally supplying sophisticated satellite communications equipment" to groups that the U.S. government "aspires to organize against our people."

A U.S. government subcontractor is being held in a Cuban prison for distributing cell phones and lap top computers to pro democracy advocates. Not bombs or weapons or dynamite, but cell phones and lap top computers, things we take for granted. Where is the outrage from the U.S. government?

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