Saturday, December 12, 2009

A cautionary tale

A few years ago, voters in Miami-Dade County, Florida were persuaded to vote for an additional half-penny sales tax to pay for improved public transportation.

The result?

When Miami-Dade Transit persuaded county voters to approve a half-penny sales tax in 2002, the goal was to expand routes and improve service for tens of thousands of riders.

Seven years later, the agency continues to reduce routes and services because revenues and subsidies do not cover their costs. New changes go into effect on Sunday.

While no major bus routes are to be abolished, officials plan to reduce service and the frequency of buses on particular routes throughout the system. . . . the changes roll back bus service to levels just above those before voters approved the half-penny tax in 2002.

In exchange for the half-penny sales tax since 2002, voters today receive . . . next to nothing.

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