Sunday, December 13, 2009

Obama's friends in Cuba

At the Summit of the Americas, Obama "extended the hand of friendship" to the Cuban communist regime and its allies.

In response:

A U.S. government contractor confirmed Saturday that Cuba has detained one of its subcontractors' employees but did not comment on a report he went to the island as a tourist and was handing out laptops and communications equipment.

The man arrested "was an employee of a program subcontractor, which was implementing a . . . subcontract to assist Cuban civil society organizations," said Development Alternatives Inc., (DAI) a suburban Washington firm supervising some $40 million in U.S. government aid for pro-democracy programs in Cuba.

Our people in Cuba are subject to arrest for giving out laptops and cell phones to pro democracy dissidents - - not guns, not bombs, not weapons of any sort, but laptops and cell phones.

When will this naively optimistic administration realize that the Castro regime is just no good, and we can't be "friends" with them?

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