Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Second thoughts on Cuba?

Recently, a group of African American progressive intellectuals criticized the racism of the Cuban communist regime. Now, at least one has second thoughts.

One of the 60 African Americans who signed a letter last week alleging Cuban repression against the island's black-rights activists has asked to be removed from the list, saying the letter "is being manipulated to undermine the legitimacy of the important social project underway in that nation."

"Although I know that racism [in Cuba] has not been overcome, I also know that the progress in Cuba is envied even in the United States," Makani Themba-Nixon, executive director of The Praxis Project in Washington, D.C., wrote to one of the letter's organizers. . . .

The Praxis Project -- a nonprofit that addresses health issues in black communities -- will probably issue a statement "for our friends expressing our love and solidarity with the signers, but expressing our decision to withdraw our signature," the letter added.

The women who runs "The Praxis Project" won't criticize Cuba because she thinks "the progress in Cuba is envied even in the United States".

Check out the website of The Praxis Project:

The Praxis Project is funded with (your) tax dollars and charitable grants - - and its executive director thinks Cuban communism is an "important social project".

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