Sunday, April 5, 2009

U.S. to N.K.: Young man, if you do that one more time . . .

Have you ever heard the ineffectual parents in the mall, who repeatedly warn their kids not to do something (without consequences), and the kids repeatedly ignore their parents, getting bolder each time?

That's our North Korea policy (bipartisan, from Bush to Clinton to Bush to Obama).

"North Korea defied international warnings and sent a rocket hurtling over the Pacific on Sunday, a launch President Barack Obama called an illicit test of the regime's long-range missile technology that threatened the security of nations "near and far."

Obama and European Union leaders meeting in Prague condemned the move and said North Korea's dangerous defiance demanded an international response. Diplomats at the United Nations scheduled an emergency Security Council session for later Sunday to discuss what Obama called a clear violation of U.N. resolutions."

Another U.N. resolution condemning North Korean violation of prior U.N. resolutions is the equivalent of yelling across the aisle in Sears, "Young man, if you do that one more time, I swear, you're in big trouble!"

We either depose the current North Korean regime, and hand the North over to South Korean control (impossible, and with unimaginably scary international consequences), or we accept that North Korea will possess nuclear armed long range missiles. That's our choice. We can continue to issue ineffectual warnings, but that's not a real option. And, it just makes us look weak.

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