Friday, April 17, 2009

Mixed messages?

Secretary of State Clinton went to Mexico, and logically observed that the best way to fight the gangs that import recreational drugs to America is to reduce American demand for Mexican recreational drugs.

Over the next weeks, President Obama responds by: (1) mocking the concepts of legalization, regulation or taxation of recreational drugs; (2) promising paramilitary action on U.S. and Mexican territory against Mexican drug exporting gangs; (3) appointing the actor who played Kumar in the pro pot "Harold and Kumar" movies to a White House communications job (I guess Cheech and Chong are too old); and, (4) honoring the surviving members of druggy jam band the Grateful Dead at the White House.

Talk about mixed messages from the Oval Office - - pledge to continue enforcing anti drug laws and escalate the war on drugs while promoting pro drugs figures from the entertainment world.

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