Sunday, April 19, 2009

Iran again

"An Iranian court has sentenced the Iranian-American freelance journalist Roxana Saberi, who was accused of espionage, to eight years in jail, her lawyer said today. "She has been sentenced to eight years . . . I will appeal," Abdolsamad Khorramshahitold Reuters. Saberi, a 31-year-old dual US-Iranian citizen, was arrested in late January and initially accused of working without press credentials. In a case that threatens to complicate efforts to improve relations between the US and Iran, she was subsequently accused of passing classified information to US intelligence services. The trial took place behind closed doors."

This shouldn't simply "complicate" "efforts to improve relations between the US and Iran". This should preclude such efforts until our fellow American is released from unjust imprisonment by the Iranian theocratic dictatorship.

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