Friday, April 3, 2009

How does this stimulate anything?

"Before it doles out federal stimulus money for transit to any municipality, Miami-Dade County has decreed: It's going to cost you. Calling it a ''processing fee,'' cash-strapped Miami-Dade Transit plans to charge 5 percent off the top to the 28 cities in the county that qualify for $13.4 million in federal transportation stimulus funds. . . . ''It is not in the spirit of what the funding is for,'' said North Miami Mayor Kevin Burns, a member of the Metropolitan Planning Organization, which last week passed a 9-3 resolution urging MDTA to drop the idea. . . . The surcharge came as news to members of Congress who voted on the stimulus package last month."

Maybe if they had held hearings on the bill, or debated it, or even read it before passage, this wouldn't "come as news to members of Congress".

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