Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Daily Kos figured it out

It's not taxes, it's not spending, it's not weakness abroad and it's not over intrusive over extended government at home.

Nope, there's only one reason why any person would oppose Obama.

And, if you want to read something even dumber, try this:!

The author "can't wait until 2050 when these white male racist reaKKKtionaries are a minority themselves and we can have true progress and freedom FROM religious oppression." Not to confuse anyone with facts, but assuming all white males are "white male racist reaKKKtionaries", they've always been under 50% of the population since 1776.

Finally, sandwiched between these articles is a little gem from Congressman Eric Massa (that's right, a real live member of Congress):

Seriously, a real live actual member of Congress shares space with these extremist nut jobs. Why don't you let the Congressman know what you think of the company he keeps? You can contact him through his official website:

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