Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Prosecuting your enemies

"Under pressure, President Barack Obama reversed statements from his own top White House aides and opened the door Tuesday to prosecuting Bush administration officials who approved harsh interrogation techniques of suspected terrorists. Obama repeated his stand that CIA officers should be immune from criminal charges for their work interrogating suspects using techniques like waterboarding, which critics call torture, so long as the interrogators followed guidelines written by senior Bush administration legal officials. He said, however, that he'd leave it to Attorney General Eric Holder to decide whether Bush administration officials should face criminal charges for approving the use of such practices. "

Another Obama flip/flop.

Another Obama sacrifice of national security to politics.

Another Obama cave-in to his left wing.

Obviously, Obama learned one thing at his summit with all those left wing South American strong men - - - use the organs of government to prosecute your political enemies in order to consolidate your hold on power.

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