Thursday, April 23, 2009

Pakistan policy on verge of spectacular failure

"Taliban move to new Pakistan area . . . Gunmen attacked a Pakistani paramilitary force sent to a Taliban-infiltrated district just 60 miles from the capital Thursday, killing a police officer and feeding growing doubts about the government's peace deal with extremists in the area. A meeting between Taliban representatives and tribal elders ended with the militants making some concessions but no pledge to withdraw from Buner, where they have established bases since crossing over from their stronghold in the neighboring Swat Valley. Swat's Taliban appear to be emboldened after their bloody, two-year campaign in the valley led the government to agree to a peace accord that imposes Islamic law in a wide swath of the northwest bordering Afghanistan."

The "wide swath" of Pakistani territory now controlled by Taliban extends to "just 60 miles from the capital". If the Taliban seize control of Pakistan, they seize control of Pakistan's nuclear arsenal.

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