Monday, February 8, 2010

No more bump

President Obama's approval ratings have slid to an average of 49.1% disapproval and 47.7% approval - - some of the lowest numbers of his presidency so far - - and Marist released a poll today that highlights the slide Obama has experienced among independents: 57% of independents now disapprove of Obama's performance as president, while 29% approve and 14% are unsure.

Compare that to Marist's last poll, taken in the first week of December, when 44% of independents disapproved, 41% approved, and 15% were unsure. Obama's disapproval rating among independents has climbed 13% among independents over the past two months, according to Marist's data.

It's the first time, in Marist's polling, that a majority of independents have disapproved of Obama as president.

Obama had an anemic bump up in the polls after his State of the Union speech, because he gives a good speech.

His ratings are now the lowest they've been, because he's not a good president.

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