Tuesday, February 23, 2010

This is not "homegrown terrorism"

A Colorado airport shuttle driver admitted Monday that he plotted with al-Qaeda to bomb New York City subways and other targets to avenge U.S. military action in Afghanistan. . . Zazi, born in Afghanistan, is a legal U.S. immigrant . . .

. . . "What concerns us, and we said this back in 2007, is that al-Qaeda was beginning to look specifically for people who don't fit the image of what people imagine is an international terrorist," [Former Homeland Security secretary Michael ] Chertoff said in an interview Monday . . . "The linkage between homegrown terrorism and international terrorism is the most worrisome aspect of the terrorist threat," he said.

An Afghan immigrant who attempts a terrorist act on American soil is not an example of "homegrown terrorism".

He is an example of the need for stricter immigration controls.

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