Thursday, February 18, 2010

Census flaws

A key software system for the 2010 Census is behind schedule and full of defects, and it will have to be scaled back to ensure an accurate count of the U.S. population, according to a government watchdog report.

. . . The glitches continue despite staff "working two shifts per day, extended hours, weekends and holidays," the report says.

The audit found that the software had 80 critical defects on Jan. 12, up from 26 a month earlier. Both testing and development were about three weeks behind schedule at that point.

It is becoming clearer each day that the purpose of this census is not to accurately count the population.

Rather, it is to show population increases in certain districts and among certain population groups, and population decreases in other districts and among other population groups, in order to permit post census redistricting which perpetuates Nancy Pelosi's majority in Congress.

In other words, expect more corrupt Chicago style politics.

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