Saturday, February 20, 2010

A little help for homeowners . . . in a little while more

The government threw a $1.5 billion lifeline to unemployed and underwater homeowners on Friday, amid a new report suggesting the nation's foreclosure crisis may be easing.

Under the initiative, Florida and four other states that have seen home prices fall by at least 20 percent since their peak will be eligible to apply for the funds.

The exact amount due the state, and the guidelines for the initiative, will be available in two weeks, the Obama administration said.

Hundreds of billions of dollars to bail out the banks . . . last year, right off the bat, as the first order of business.

Only $1.5 billion for unemployed and underwater homeowners . . . when we get around to it, in a few more weeks, just keep waiting, you might be eligible, if you haven't lost your house already.

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