Thursday, February 18, 2010

Hand to hand combat in Afghanistan

The Taliban is using civilians and hundreds of explosives to try to prevent Afghan and U.S. troops from taking over the jihadist group's largest stronghold in Afghanistan, the Afghan army said Wednesday.

"There are two things that restrict our movement: Taliban mines and the fear of civilian casualties," said Brig. Gen. Moheedin Ghori, who commands the Afghan brigade.

. . . To avoid alienating the population, Afghan and coalition forces are under "strict orders not to fire at areas where there are civilians," Ghori said.

The Taliban were told we were coming, months in advance.

Therefore, they set up land mines and are using human shields.

Our soldiers are told to avoid civilian casualties, and therefore must engage in house to house door to door close range man to man combat.

Would you want your child or spouse to be sent into combat under those conditions in a war of choice?

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