Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Left wing democrats are getting their wish

Democratic Sen. Evan Bayh said he will not run for a third term in Congress.

Bayh said at a news conference in Indianapolis on Monday that he believed he would have been re-elected despite "the current challenging environment" in Congress.

He attributed his decision to the bitter partisan divides that have dominated Congress in recent years, though he praised his colleagues as hard workers devoted to public service.

Bayh said it is time for him to "contribute to society in another way," either by creating jobs with a business, leading a college or university, or running a charity.

His decision leaves Democrats at risk of losing the Senate seat in the November election after Bayh had raised $13 million for his campaign.

The left wing Democrats are getting their wish.

Many moderate to conservative Democrats (who vote with their party most but not all of the time) are leaving Congress.

Of course, the odds are that they will be replaced by conservative to moderate Republicans (who will almost never vote with the Democrats).

I wish left wing Democrats would explain how this purity purge helps advance their agenda, because it doesn't seem like it will.

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