Saturday, February 6, 2010

More Palin "news"

E-mails shed new light on Todd Palin's role while his wife was Alaska's governor, showing that the one-time oil field worker's advice was sought on board appointments and suggesting he was close to matters related to state government, his wife's image and politics.

Relatively few of the messages obtained as part of a public records request were sent by Todd Palin himself.

Rather, his personal e-mail address is included on messages sent by administration staff, top aides to then-Gov. Sarah Palin and Palin on topics ranging from use of the state plane to day-to-day governing issues and oil and gas legislation that Palin made a hallmark of her 2 years in office.

But the e-mails, first reported by, together provide fresh insight into what many had suspected was a highly influential role played by the self-proclaimed "First Dude." They also reflect the at-times fierce loyalty that Todd Palin and others close to the former governor felt, particularly amid tensions with lawmakers and criticism in the media.

The "news", revealed by pouring over thousands of Alaskan state emails, is that Palin's spouse was "highly influential" and "fiercely loyal".

Just like Michele Obama, Laura Bush, Hillary Clinton, Nancy Reagan, etc.

Putting aside the sexual role reversal (she's the power, and he's whispering in her ear), why is this news to anyone?

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