Wednesday, October 28, 2009

What about Mexico?

Our government is fully invested in fighting terrorism and terrorists in Pakistan, Iraq and Afghanistan.

Meanwhile, in Mexico:

"Authorities say four police officers were killed by assailants who opened fired on them during a traffic stop in the central Mexico city of Puebla.A statement issued Tuesday by the Puebla state public security department says the officers had responded to a report of a suspicious car in a wealthy neighborhood. The officers ordered the car to stop and the occupants shot them with AR-15 rifles.The department says no one has been arrested and the motive for the attack is unknown.In the border city of Tijuana, a teenage girl was killed Tuesday by a stray bullet during a shootout between police and gunmen. Tijuana police spokeswoman Cristina Perez says the 15-year-old was waiting for a bus to go to school.",0,4371833.story

Over time, terrorism next door (just on the other side of our porous border) in Mexico will be a bigger problem. Why do we ignore it?

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