Saturday, October 24, 2009

Census "under counting"

"Convinced the U.S. Census Bureau has long underestimated Miami's population and income levels -- discouraging retailers, banks and supermarkets from opening shop in the city -- Mayor Manny Diaz's administration commissioned an in-depth study that confirms the existence of a substantial gap. How large? Try 65,000 people missing from the 2008 Census population estimates, a sum that would bring the city population to a record 480,000. In addition, the study said traditional Census-based market estimates missed a whopping $1.3 billion in residents' income. Armed with the study, to be formally released Monday and conducted by respected nonprofit research group Social Compact, the city has filed an official challenge of the 2008 population estimate with the Census Bureau."

A dirty little secret - - the overwhelming majority of the "under counted" are running from the law for one reason or another, whether because of immigration status or criminal status.

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