Friday, October 30, 2009

If they like you?

If they don't like you, you lied and broke your promises.

If they like you? You're "pragmatic".

"It has been almost a year since the American people issued their own call to action at the polls, heeding Obama's message that he would boldly change the way government — and by extension, the country — works. Nine months after he took office . . . "He may be even more pragmatic than Bill Clinton, which has surprised me" . . . "He's basically moved to the position that, 'I'll take whatever I can get.' I thought he'd be more of a crusading, turning-point president. Is this the next liberal renaissance or not?" . . . Armisen ticked off Obama's promises on issues from Guantanamo Bay to gays in the military and said he's failed to accomplish anything on them. . . . "He's the victim of the expectations people have set for him" . . ."

Got that? Obama breaks his promises, and "he's the victim".

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