Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The latest on Bernie Madoff

"Convicted Ponzi schemer Bernie Madoff promoted a "culture of sexual deviance" at his New York headquarters that featured vast quantities of cocaine and drug-fueled parties with topless waitress, according to details of a new lawsuit. "Madoff's affinity for escorts, masseuses and attractive female employees was well known in the office culture," the complaint says. "A significant amount of the money stolen from investors went towards these lavish indulgences as well as other expenses for his employees, family and favorite feeders." The suit charges that a number of the "feeders" brought investors to Madoff and also took part in the 'sexual revelry" including trysts on his office couch."

The degree of immorality among those at the upper reaches of American society is shocking.

By the way - - if someone gets your business by giving you hookers and coke, why would you be surprised if he turns out to be less than trustworthy with your money?

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