Friday, October 23, 2009


Daniel Ken "Dan" Inouye is a Democratic U.S. senator from Hawaii since 1963, the first Asian American senator, and a recipient of numerous military medals and honors for his service in World War II, including the Medal of Honor.

"On April 21, 1945, in Italy, Inouye was grievously wounded while taking a heavily-defended ridge, Colle Musatello. Three German machine guns had pinned down his men and hit him in the gut. Despite his wounds, he launched a single-handed assault on the guns. He took out the first and second machine guns with grenades and his Tommy Gun. As he pulled the pin off another grenade to throw at the third machine gun nest, his right arm was nearly torn off by shrapnel. The live grenade fell on the ground. With his left hand, he pried his dead fingers from the grenade and threw it. He was hit yet again in the leg and fell off the hillside. Later, his arm was amputated without anesthetic, as he had been given too much morphine at an aid station. His story, along with interviews with him about the war as a whole, were featured prominently in the 2007 Ken Burns documentary The War."

Inouye is a loyal but sceptical Democrat. Here's what one of the civil, well mannered, open minded on line "progressives" posted about Inouye yesterday:

"Inouye to strip Anti-Rape Amendment from Bill . . . I say we cut off his other arm, and then move South."

Wouldn't you think that story would be removed or that slur edited?

If a similar comment was posted on a conservative site, and directed towards an unquestioning proponent of Obamacare, it would be front page news across the country.

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