Saturday, October 24, 2009

Al Qaeda attacks Pakistani nuclear weapons site

"A suicide bomber attacked a suspected nuclear weapons site Friday in Pakistan, raising fears about the security of the nuclear arsenal, while two other terrorist blasts made it another bloody day in the country's struggle against extremism. Increasingly daring and sophisticated attacks by terrorists allied with al Qaeda on some of Pakistan's most sensitive and best-protected installations have led to warnings that extremists could damage a nuclear facility or seize nuclear material. Pakistan's nuclear sites are mostly in the northwest of the country, close to the capital, Islamabad, to keep them away from the border with archenemy India, but that places them close to Pakistani Taliban extremists, who are massed in the northwest. Al Qaeda has made clear its ambitions to get hold of a nuclear bomb or knowledge of nuclear technology. Several other sites associated with Pakistan's nuclear weapons have been hit previously."

Why don't we use our 200,000 troops in the region to seize and secure all nuclear weapons and nuclear weapon sites in the AfPak theatre, dismantle everything, and then withdraw?

They hate us now, they'll hate us then, but they won't have any more weapons of mass destruction.

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