Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Rev. Moon and the conservative movement

"From South Korea to South America, Rev. Sun Myung Moon married tens of thousands of couples in the Unification Church's largest mass wedding in a decade and potentially the last for the 89-year-old leader. The spectacle comes as Moon, the church's controversial founder moves to hand day-to-day leadership over to three sons and a daughter, though the Rev. Moon Hyung-jin, the 30-year-old tapped to take over religious affairs, insists his father is healthy and remains in charge. . . . Critics say the weddings show the church operates like a cult, brainwashing adherents into turning their lives and salaries over to Moon. In the past, Moon routinely paired off couples, with many first meeting on their wedding day."

The conservative movement should be embarrassed that it allowed Rev. Moon to buy his way to respectability through his purchase of the conservative-leaning Washington Times (and his employment of many conservative opinion shapers by the Times).

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