Monday, April 4, 2011

Which is worse - - burning the Koran or murdering dozens?

Terry Jones, the man who sparked an international furor in Afghanistan by burning a Muslim holy book and showing it on the Internet, was back in the pulpit Sunday. . . . The three deaths on Sunday brought to 24 the toll from the violence unleashed when Muslims learned of the Quran burning 8,000 miles away in Gainesville. Among the dead were several staff members at a United Nations post in Kandahar that was overrun by angry protesters who disarmed guards. Two were reportedly beheaded.

A crazy nobody preacher with no power, no influence and no followers burns a Koran.

In response, organized riots in the "outraged" Muslim world result in a least 24 deaths, including the beheading of charitable volunteers.

For some reason, the media's spin is to be understanding of the "outrage" in response to the "insult" to the Koran.

In fact, the craziest most dangerous people are not the publicity hounds in Florida but those killing dozens because a book was burned.

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