Saturday, April 2, 2011

Libyan policy vs. Bahrain policy

Bahrain's Shiite opposition head Ali Salman on Wednesday warned Iran and Saudi Arabia against using his country as a "battlefield" in a proxy war. Salman urged Iran to keep out of the Sunni-ruled state's affairs and called on Saudi troops to leave the country. . . .

A teenager was killed when a police patrol opened fire with live rounds west of the capital Manama, the main Shiite-led parliamentary opposition group, Al-Wefaq, said. There was no immediate confirmation from police of the circumstances of the death of Ahmed Sayyed Said Shams, 15, in the village of Sar. Twenty-four people, four of them police, were killed in a month of unrest, Bahrain's Interior Minister Rashed bin Abdullah Al-Khalifa said on Tuesday, linking the troubles to Hezbollah.

We attacked Libya for allegedly planning to do what we enable Bahrain to do - - killing civilian protesters. It makes no sense.

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