Monday, April 25, 2011

Mexicans are afraid of Mexican illegality

The ritual exodus from Mexico City for Easter holidays usually launches around Palm Sunday, then shifts into full gear right about now. This congested capital of about 20 million people virtually empties out, blissfully so for those who remain.

But this year there have been signs that Mexicans were reconsidering their holiday travel patterns. And that bodes ill for public faith in the government's efforts to make the country safe.

With a vicious war against drug cartels claiming hundreds of lives a month, and with that violence moving into traditional tourist areas such as legendary coastal enclave Acapulco, some Mexico City residents have decided it's better to forgo the annual spring trip and stay at home.

Mexicans are afraid of the violence sweeping Mexico . . . but if you want to secure our border with Mexico, you're accused of racism.

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