Monday, April 25, 2011


After the establishment of the state of Israel, the nations of the Muslim world ethnically cleansed themselves of Jews, one by one, until there were few Jews left in any Muslim majority nation.

Now, it's the turn of the Christians:

Iraqi Christians marked a restrained Easter weekend as fear of attacks kept many from openly celebrating their most sacred day of the year and church officials urged them not to give up on the country.

At Our Lady of Salvation, where gunmen and suicide bombers killed 52 worshippers and guards last October, the church was tightly locked, guarded by Iraqi police who said the doors would be opened only moments before the Saturday evening mass.

. . . Monsignor Casha, at St. Joseph's Catholic Church in the relatively affluent neighborhood of Mansour, said the church had been packed on Palm Sunday a week ago with families doing a procession through the streets around the church.

He said, however, that of the 1,300 families that had been in his parish in 2003, only 500 remained - with a few more leaving every week . . .

Of more than a million Christians in Iraq before 2003, there are believed to be only about 650,000 left. The exodus has raised fears about the future of Christianity in the region where it first took root.

For some reason, we are told that the problem is not violence against Jews and Christians, but Judeo-Christian Islamophobia.

I'm sure the Christian in the White House will do something about this.

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