Saturday, January 22, 2011

Why can't we ever walk away?

The collapse of the Western-backed [Lebanese] government was a blow to the United States and its Arab allies, including Saudi Arabia and Egypt.

Syria and Saudi Arabia — who back rival camps in Lebanon — had for months been trying to find a settlement to the crisis. When those efforts failed, ministers of Hezbollah and their allies pulled out of the unity Cabinet, toppling the government.

On Wednesday, Saudi Arabia said it was abandoning efforts to mediate, dealing a setback to American diplomacy in the region and raising concerns in Lebanon the crisis was headed for a confrontation.

Qatar and Turkey tried to pick up on the Saudi and Syrian initiative. But two days of meetings by their foreign ministers with rival Lebanese politicians appeared to have failed to produce a deal.

A statement issued by the two before they left Beirut Thursday said they would consult with their leadership.

Why is it that Syria, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey are all allowed to walk away from the insanity in Lebanon, but the U.S. government has to stay involved and take responsibility for every Middle East crisis?

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