Monday, January 3, 2011

More Islamophobia

Muslim extremists may have planted a bomb which struck an army barracks in Nigeria's capital, the country's president has said, highlighting the dangers and confusion still gripping a nation beset by violence in recent weeks.

No-one has claimed responsibility for Friday's attack which killed at least four people and injured 21 others celebrating New Year's Eve in the barracks' open-air beer garden and market.

President Goodluck Jonathan promised those at a church service in Abuja, the oil-rich nation's capital, he would find those responsible. However, his vague remarks seemed only to show that security agencies remain ill-prepared to halt the violence as the nation nears what could be a tumultuous April election.

The media blames Judeo Christian Islamophobia for inciting Muslim violence . . . but when was the last time you heard about any Judeo Christian anti Muslim violence?

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