Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Arlen Specter's "zig-zag-zig political path"

As Arlen Specter leaves the Senate after 30 years, the one-time corruption-busting Philadelphia prosecutor and architect of the "single-bullet theory" of the John F. Kennedy assassination says he wouldn't change a thing about his zig-zag-zig political path.

Specter began and ended - for now - his political life as a Democrat and spent the intervening four decades as a Republican. But he sees himself as an independent who often bucked party leadership - ultimately ending his career.

"Zig-zag-zig political path" is a pretty nice way to describe a flip flopping, back stabbing, two faced, self serving career politician, who went from liberal Democrat to Reagan Republican and back to where he started for the sole purpose of keeping his job.

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