Saturday, January 15, 2011

Crist sinks even lower

Former Gov. Charlie Crist is joining the high-profile Morgan & Morgan law firm.

The marriage of "the people's governor" with the law firm that claims in TV commercials to be "for the people" was anticipated. The St. Petersburg Times reports the firm is run by John Morgan, a longtime Crist political supporter.

Crist, who was a lawyer before he entered politics, says he plans to work mostly in his hometown of St. Petersburg.

For those of you outside of Florida - - Morgan & Morgan is not "high-profile" in the sense that it's the home of political powerhouses or former cabinet officials or that it represents mega corporations doing mega deals and involved in mega suits. Editors of Harvard Law Review do not dream of a job at Morgan & Morgan.

Morgan & Morgan is "high-profile" in the sense that everyone's heard of it, because it's one of those personal injury law firms which advertise on Jerry Springer and Maury Povich-style media outlets (in between the ads for ITT Tech and breast enhancements).

Charlie Crist has fallen from up and coming political star (newly elected governor of swing state seriously considered for spot on national ticket) to liberal media hero ("independent" "victim" of "Tea Party purge", according to the MSNBC crowd) to just another shill for a "1-800-PAIN"-type operation. This is seriously pathetic.

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