Monday, January 3, 2011

Another country that objects to U.S. immigration policy

Thousands of desperate Zimbabweans are scrambling to South Africa's registration offices with only a day left to legalise their stay in the country - or face deportation in the New Year.

South African authorities declared in September that they were cracking down on illegal migrants and said any Zimbabweans who had not applied for the necessary papers to live and work here by 31 December would be forced to go home.

But as feared by authorities, many left applying for work or study permits until the last minute.

Long queues this week snaked for two blocks outside a Department of Home Affairs building in central Johannesburg - one of the many offices overwhelmed by large crowds of Zimbabweans.

Many people had spent the night on the pavement, in an attempt to be one of the first to be served when the office opened its doors at 0800.

Thousands of people, including the elderly and women with babies on their backs, braved the scorching heat as the queues inched closer and closer to the entrance.

For some reason, only America is not allowed to enforce its immigration laws.

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