Sunday, January 9, 2011

Too late for legalized casino gambling

Gov. Rick Scott said Thursday he is open to allowing Las Vegas-style casino resorts in Florida, opening the door for promoters to move swiftly ahead with legislation this year that would end the decades-old ban on the high stakes games.

Promoters expect a hearing as early as next week in the Florida Senate on the proposal that could bring "destination casinos" to Miami Beach, Tampa and as many as three other locations. The term refers to the high-end casinos being built around the globe that feature entertainment, retail malls and convention space in addition to blackjack tables, roulette wheels and slot machines.

This was a great idea to reinvigorate the local economy and fill the state's tax coffers - - in 1960.

Unfortunately, in 2011, most cities near almost any Indian reservation anywhere in the country have a casino.

It's too late for any city to become another Las Vegas. At best, legalized casino gambling would result in a few new hotels and a few upgrades to existing hotels. It's no longer an economic savior.

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