Friday, February 4, 2011

New Orleans lost one third of its population since Katrina

Rocked by natural disasters and a steady exodus of residents, this flood-damaged city lost nearly a third of its population in the past decade, according to Census data released Thursday.

Census workers counted 343,829 residents in New Orleans last year, down from 485,000 in 2000, or a 29% drop, according to the data. The count was slightly lower than previous estimates of 355,000.

The city has struggled to repopulate since Hurricane Katrina and a breach of federal levees flooded 80% of the city in 2005, scattering much of its citizenry. Just before the storm, there were about 455,000 people living in New Orleans, according to Census figures.

I seem to remember Democratic candidates running for office against the incompetence and stupidity which led to the failure to relieve, restore and rebuild New Orleans.

I seem to remember Democratic candidates promising to rebuild New Orleans if elected.

I don't seem to remember any Democrats talking or doing too much about New Orleans since getting elected.

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