Thursday, February 3, 2011

I usually don't listen to actors, but . . .

Omar Sharif, Egypt's most famous actor, says he's concerned for the future of his country.

Cairo's Tahrir Square, where protests have been centered, is visible from his high-rise apartment and helicopters buzz overhead.

"They want the president to step down. This is the first thing. After that, they do not know what they want," he told The Associated Press on Monday. "I personally don't know what they will do afterwards. Who will they bring, who will take his place, who will be in charge of the country?"

The man most famous for playing Barbra Streisand's love interest in "Funny Girl" and for his roles in "Doctor Zhivago" and "Lawrence of Arabia" has a better handle on the situation in Egypt than those in the media and our government who are blindly cheering on the Muslim Brotherhood-led protesters.

Of course, in response to his on screen kisses of the "Zionist" Streisand, Sharif received death threats from the Muslim Brotherhood. He's seen the true face of these "protesters for democracy".

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