Monday, February 28, 2011

Fake identity documents

Twenty-two people have been charged with producing more than 15,000 false documents for illegal immigrants in 11 states and protecting their lucrative turf through kidnappings, beatings and the slaying of a rival, officials said Thursday.

The ring operated in 19 cities and generated more than $1 million over less than two years selling Social Security cards, driver's licenses and work documents at prices ranging from $150 to $200, according to an indictment. The proceeds were wired to the ring's base in Mexico, the indictment said.

The defendants, who are being held in Virginia, are accused of 12 counts, including racketeering, murder, assault, firearms possession, kidnapping, money laundering, and possessing and producing false documents. Most are illegal immigrants from Mexico.

This is why the police should ask for and check the validity of legal identity documents presented by suspicious characters at traffic and criminal stops.

Of course, for some reason, that's considered racist.

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