Monday, February 14, 2011

Finally, good news from Cuba

Cuba has released two more political prisoners who had refused to go into exile in Spain under a deal brokered by the Roman Catholic Church last year.

The two men - Hector Maseda and Angel Moya - were also demanding full pardons and the release of other prisoners who are ill.

Both have now returned to their homes in Havana.

They were among a group of 52 jailed dissidents Cuba's communist government agreed to free last July.

Most of them were released within weeks, but 11 stayed in jail because they would not accept going into exile in Spain.

But since last week, four including Mr Maseda and Mr Moya, have now been allowed to return home.

Releasing dissidents from prison into exile is not a sign of positive change.

Releasing dissidents from prison to their homes, free to continue their political activities, is, finally, a glimmer of hope from Cuba.

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