Sunday, December 19, 2010

Rick Scott

Lacking a single hire to staff Florida's government, incoming Gov. Rick Scott on Friday asked most of Gov. Charlie Crist's administration to rescind their resignations and stay up to three months.

The about-face leaves in place agency heads and mid-level staffers from an administration Scott repeatedly criticized from the campaign trail as unresponsive to private business and ill-equipped to foster job growth. Scott's transition team initially asked for hundreds of resignations, more than Crist did when he succeeded former Gov. Jeb Bush.

And it's the first public indication from Scott's secretive team of a transition clogged under the leadership of Enu Mainigi, his personal attorney and most important hire to date.

Rick Scott was elected governor of Florida with his own money, beholden to no one, without any Republican party machine or media support. The newspapers almost unanimously opposed him, in their opinion columns and editorials and in their supposedly neutral "news" stories.

They can't handle that he won, and they're trying to destroy him before he's even been sworn in.

Regardless of ideology, if you're opposed to self selected political and media elites acting as gateways to public office, you should be rooting for the success of the Rick Scott administration.

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