Thursday, December 30, 2010

Democracy in Miami

The Miami mayor and county commission passed a controversial county budget that raised the property tax rate while giving raises to most county employees. This followed their vote to build a private baseball stadium with public money in the middle of a recession.

As a result, there was a recall drive against the mayor and certain commissioners, which garnered 95,499 valid signatures, far more than the 51,992 needed to call an election.

All that remains to be done is the setting of the recall election. But . . .
A special meeting of the Miami-Dade County Commission to set a recall election for Mayor Carlos Alvarez was canceled Wednesday for lack of a quorum. . . . six of 13 commissioners appeared on the dais, one short of the minimum required.

Democracy in Miami . . . if you don't like what they people want, just ignore them.

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